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Roller Team motorhomes


We are a distributor of new Roller Team motorhomes in Wrocław. Our offer includes semi-integrated vehicles, alcoves, integrals and vans.  

Roller Team is a valued Italian manufacturer of motorhomes belonging to the Trigano concern. Motorhomes of this brand are characterized by a very good quality of workmanship and modern design. Half-integrals and alcoves of this brand can be purchased on the Ford Transit chassis. Thanks to the low excise tax, these motorhomes also become attractive in terms of prices for buyers in Poland.  The range includes several models of the Kronos series and the higher Zefiro Plus series. You can find campers available immediately on our Otomoto account.

roller team.png
Roller-Team_Kronos 284TL__SB_6427_a1800x900.jpg
Roller-Team_Kronos 284TL__SB_6464_a1800x900.jpg
Roller-Team_Kronos 284TL__SB_6470_a1800x900.jpg
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