Long-term rental of motorhomes

As the first rental company in Poland, we decided to introduce long-term rental of a motorhome. It is an ideal option for people who have the opportunity to work remotely and those who plan to buy a motorhome, but do not have experience yet and do not know how much they will be able to use it. Therefore, we have prepared several rental options both for the whole year with the option of purchase, as well as monthly plans for those who are looking for sun in winter. Choose a plan and enjoy your motorhome!


2900 PLN / month!



with a limit

choose how many kilometers you intend to travel and the month of travel

from 3900 PLN / month



you don't have to worry about the mileage limit, choose a month and hit the road

from 8000 PLN / month


enjoy your motorhome all year round and then leave it or buy it at an attractive price

4900 PLN / month

Year -2 

10 months a year, have a motorhome at home and enjoy it

2900 PLN / month



This is the best option for those who are not satisfied with two weeks of vacation. People who work remotely and want to travel can spend the cold months, for example in sunny Spain, Greece or Portugal, enjoying a longer day and great weather. Thanks to the imposed mileage limits, we could   maximum   reduce     prices     lease
in the months with the lowest occupancy. We have also created a limit option if you don't want to worry about kilometers. You don't have to start your trip 1 and finish 30 of the month. If the prices in the selected months differ, we will calculate them proportionally to the number of days. 



Are you thinking about buying a motorhome, but are not convinced to spend such a large amount at once? Long-term rental has been operating on the passenger car sales market for a long time. We also decided to give this option to caravanning fans. You can order a completely new Roller Team motorhome from us or choose one of the cars available from us and enjoy it for the next 12 months. We have prepared the offer in two variants, for 10 and for 12 months. The YEAR - 2 option allowed us to reduce the rental cost as much as possible, but it will prevent you from using the motorhome in July and August. Then the motorhome will go to our rental and you will pay a much lower "subscription" in the remaining months.  


For annual rentals, we have set a limit of 15,000 km, but if you need more, we can prepare a special offer.


When signing the contract, we will set a redemption price, should you find that you cannot part with it. You can also replace it with a completely different new car or just leave it with us.  


The cost of insurance has already been included in the rental price. So you don't have to worry about him. You save a lot on this because motorhome insurance can cost even several thousand zlotys. As with standard rental, there is a deposit, however, in this case increased to PLN 10,000.


When renting for 12 months it is PLN 4900 / month , while for 10 months, excluding July and August, it is PLN 2900 / month


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